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Power of Energy

In my previous post I have discussed about the concept of positive and negative energy energy in our daily life.
Today I will talk about the impact of our desire in our life. When we have some desire with full force and energy then all of it emits as an electromagnetic radiation from our brain and it get connect with environment. Where it communicate with other sources of energy. If our desire is strong, our energy is strong then all of the natural forces tries to fulfill our desire.
Let us relate it with our startup system. When an entrepreneur or a businessperson willing to start his enterprise and want to make it successful then all it needs the energy. If we apply full force and energy towards our motive then all the natural forces will help us to make our dream true.

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How energy play a vital role in our daily life ?

In daily life we face lots of stuffs and we speaks millions of words per day. Have you ever imagine that these words that emits from our mouth in the form of vocal sound can affects your life? Actually, we all have read about energy that Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, we can only convert it from one form to another form. So, these vocal sounds are also a form of energy which from our mouth. Now, the matter is how it is affecting our daily life. See, when we speaks something then there are two cases. Either we speak something positive or negative. Suppose you spoke something positive about anybody. Then this emits as a form of energy so it can neither be false if the threshold of that energy is sufficient then the statement will get true. Similarly, in case we speak something negative about anybody then it also be get true if the threshold of that energy will be sufficient to do that.
Let us try to understand it in different way. I have read in a Hindu mythology book that once upon a time there are two monster born from earwax from the Lord Vishnu. Think about this if an earwax can produce a monster. Then think about the energy which emits from our mouth. So, from next time think before you speaks. Always try to speak something good. Stay tuned and stay happy.